You are invited to be moved by the wind.

Even when you live on a tight schedule, when the weather is not ideal or you are far from the coast.

Be moved by the wind. Let it inspire you.

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We are a bunch of kitesurf lovers sharing our passion with the world.

Our mission is to spread the kite love and enable everyone to experience the thrill and joy kitesurf provides, come rain or shine.

We want to ....

Make people happier
Kitesurf makes us happy, we know it will make you happy too!

Stimulate openness
Live new experiences, meet new people and places. Kitesurf might be the push you need.

Enable a thrilling life
We live 72 years on average. Adrenaline is a key ingredient to get the most out of life.

Spread awareness
Kitesurf exposes you to the force of nature. Experiencing this force will strengthen your understand and respect.

Kitesurf with us!

Get ready to fit kitesurf in your weekly schedule even if you are far from the coast!

Book sessions that fit your schedule. Come live your kitesurf dream, no matter the weather.

Experience is very important.

At Kitesurf Technologies, it's our mission to make kitesurf a more accessible sport for everyone and make it possible for everyone to have a fair shot at experiencing this thrilling sport.

Our goal is to make you feel like you are experiencing the real thing minus the logistical and or psychological roadblocks that make traditional kitesurf lessons challenging, and frustrating at times.

We know from experience how empowering this extreme sport can be for a new comer or  a veteran.

With our simulator riders can master the sport with ease in a risk free environment.

Let kitesurf inspire you.

Wind window representation

The system has >150 degrees of latitude and 90 degrees of longitude reach. This makes it feel like the kite is pulling from different  angles and directions, recreating the sensation you would feel in real-life.

Newton's Third Law: Action & Reaction

For every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. Pulling and pushing on the kitesurf bar provides the necessary input to fly the kite in the wind window. The system will generate the precise force considering the wind speed, kite size, body weight and position in the wind window, just like in real-life.
All this with safety.

Motion of the ocean

Kitesurf Technologies kitesurf simulator has a board base that spins 360 degrees, jerks up/down and tilts back/forth to create the motion of the waves and all different board angles.

Visual VR

Seeing is believing, which is why we are incorporating a virtual reality headset to the Kitesurf Simulator. Put on the glasses and see out to the horizon as you coast through the crashing and cresting waves.

Sound experience

You are not limited to seeing the waves, you will hear them! And the birds and other ambient sounds that you hear in any real-life kitesurfing environment. When we said we created a fully immersive sensory experience, we meant it!

Wind experience

If you do not feel the wind on your face, you will not feel like you are kitesurfing. So are incorporating a wind experience that provides that critical sensation, from a slight breeze gently pushing against your skin to a powerful wind that creates the most challenging kitesurfing environments.

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